Offering Online Notary Courses for As Low As $19.97! (Updated for 2024)

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We offer three of the most affordable courses of education to prepare for the California notary public examination.  Our courses are approved by the California Secretary of State and fulfill the pre-exam Secretary of State notary public education requirement. 

With us, you will always have the freedom to choose how to take your course.  You choose the order in which you study the material, you choose the pace at which you go through them and you will always be able to test your knowledge by taking our quizzes and final exam at any time without any pre-requisites.  Unlike many other online courses, we don't dictate a study style and will not monitor your every click!  To comply with the requirements of the Secretary of State, you will automatically be timed once you start your course!  Once you complete our declaration and attest to having spent the minimum required amount of time (3 or 6 hours), we will issue you a pre-exam Proof of Completion.  At the end of our course, you will receive a declaration form to complete in order to confirm that you have spent the required amount of time.  Once you complete and sign the declaration form and get it back to us, we will issue your Proof of Completion.

Our online 6-hour course prepares new candidates for the notary public examination and fulfills the new applicant notary education requirement.  This course has been updated to include 2024 changes.  You can take the course at your own pace and will not have to attend any classes in person. Order it here for $29.95.

*Our all-new 2024 6-hour course is an even more expansive course and prepares new candidates for the notary public examination.  This will help prepare you even more for the California notary examination using a new study format.  Both of our 6-hour courses fulfill the 6-hour education requirement mandated by the California Secretary of State.  The only difference is that the all-new 2024 course is more in-depth and uses a new study format.  Order it here for $39.93. For a limited time, if you order the 2023 course, you will also receive the regular 6-hour course which includes sample tests as a bonus!  This way, you can choose which course format works best for you.

Our online 3-hour course prepares candidates who currently hold a valid California notary public commission and fulfills the refresher course requirement.  If you are a current California notary public whose commission has not yet expired, you can take this course which qualifies you for the California notary public examination in order to renew your commission.  Study at your own pace and in the order that works for you.  Updated to reflect law changes effective January 1, 2024.  Our sample tests will give you a taste of what's to come in the upcoming notary exam.  Order it here for $19.97.

Our Notary Public Examination Kit is a compilation of about 100 notary public exam sample questions.  It is designed to prepare you for the California notary public examination once you've taken one of our courses. These questions are similar to questions appearing on the exam and will greatly enhance your chances of passing it on the first sitting.  Order it here for $17.98.

At Alliance School, the process is SIMPLE and EASY:

You will not need to sit in a live class.

All of our courses are online.

You will automatically be timed in order to comply with the SOS requirements.

You will be able to study at your own pace.

At the end of the process, complete our affidavit of completion certifying that you have at least spent the required amount of time studying and we will issue you a Proof of Completion.

That's it!  It's that easy!

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